I will come out honestly and say that my technology detox did not last the full 24 hours. Mainly because I picked the wrong day to do my detox. I thought it would be easier to do my technology detox on Saturday because I’m usually really busy on Saturday’s. Waking up that Saturday morning, I wanted to immediately check my phone but I had given it to my roommate the night before we fell asleep. The urge to know what was going on in the world of social media was killing me. I’m sure my detox bothered my roommate because I was constantly asking her for the time, I should really invest in a watch, and she usually watches television but since we share a room, so the television had to stay off.We got ready to grab some lunch and headed to our usual taco spot in town. I kept hearing my phone going off in her purse on the way there and the suspense of not knowing who it was and what they said got to me so I asked her to turn it off. When we got to the restaurant, I told my roommate we had to get our food to go because restaurants have televisions in them. So we went and ate by Lake Dardanelle. It felt nice to sit and eat with someone without either of us getting on our phones. But of course, when she finished eating she got on her phone. It felt weird not being able to get on mine. I literally just sat there in silence. She kept asking, “did you see so and so snapchat” “did you see so and so instagram post” forgetting that my phone was in her purse. For the rest of the day I just did some reading I had due for this upcoming school week, did some cleaning in my room, did some laundry and played Uno with friends. I went all day without my phone and then around 10:30 pm I asked my roommate for my phone back. We were at a party so I needed it just in case I lost my friends and needed to get a hold of them. I had so many missed calls from my mom, messages from my brothers and friends, a missed call from my dad, social media notifications, a missed FaceTime call from my best friend. I immediately called my mother back because she’s been hospitalized three times in the last three months so I thought something happened to her. She was fine but she was upset because I had not called my nephew to wish him Happy Birthday. I had forgotten my nephew’s birthday but I had a reminder… on my phone. Not having my phone all day and seeing all those calls from my mom really scared me. I thought something bad happened and I wasn’t informed because I did not have my phone. I know it’s good to stay off your phone but they are a necessity in cases of emergencies. Luckily nothing bad happened but all I can think is, what if it did. What if something had happened to my mother and I didn’t know.